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Partnership with the realities parallel bars

(First Part)

In this text in two parts they are some remembered information of passed seminaries, but that at the moment they are very necessary e current, when they clarify inside of a bigger direction, the reason of interactions multidimensional - between dimensional and the “Beings”.

Dimensional the awaken one is that one, that already obtains to also interact conscientious with “Beings” of the realities parallel bars (other dimensions) and of other physical worlds spread by the Universe. It is still that one, that I eat “ the buscador” /pesquisador search answers, that many of them only it can obtê- wools in this its special condition of “the observer”, that it uses of new methods of research and analyses.

If very it is spoken on the attitudes of groups of people who are identified as those of the Occult Power - GO, it must also be spoken of the side not so occult of individual and human proceeding, but that not being perceived as it would have, it allows that the “ego” if imposes fortified for the negative feelings of the pride and the great power, among others, hindering the conscience human being in its evolutiva scaling to reach flights ampler related to sciences parallel bars, when the dissocia of the Universal Knowledge.

That one that already if it sees awaken, it must have the humildade to perceive that it is here at this moment, especially to demystify, “to translate and to face the circumstances”, helping to not only take off the masks of excessively, but also its mask, because in this direction and with the responsibility of its commitment it cannot more postpone. Thus, using itself of a more compatible language to the energy one and to vibracional (more quantum), it also needs (as particle or I break up), to finish what “its partners” of two a thousand years (apóstolos and disciples) had behind initiated.

“It must be its proper judge, evaluating its way to think and to act to each moment, stimulating itself for the humildade that really allows it before everything understanding and recognizing its error and not to proceed through an apparent humildade, that “only stages” with words and not true gestures the “condition of coitadinho”. It needs to have this perception, so that he knows to act correctly with the other, because each one leader with is determined function, that must be respected. The true leader guides and never she orders - it requests, so that he can add with the other and together to construct” - the “comforter”.

Dimensional the most conscientious one of its commitment must ” rescue” for a language more scientific e current the message-information that the Conscience of Christ in Jesus (Nineth Dimension) transmitted in form of parabolas or not, but that they had been distorted or exactly hidden for interests you did not confess. It must rescue them for the Alive Language of the syntonized Universal Mathematics with the Energy of the Universal Love and that in the dense and human plan “ way is written” Subliming with the competition of the Energy Taquiônica.

God “alone can be seen”, when the individual reaches levels of conscience that in such a way makes it percebê-Lo in the cells of its body, as in the celestial bodies spread by all the Universe through one same Law (Join-Codify). God can be perceived as “Unit” - insert-If in everything for the manifestation of the Energy/Light of the Pure and Universal Love, that not dissocia, reference and he does not judge.

In the definition of the “Beings” God is the Center of the Universe as its Central Light - and, as Cell-Mother unfastened countless particles for all Cosmo.

The Parallel Worlds are of the “Side of There”, are of the other side of the “Road of the New World”, as a “specific-vibratory and proper Place ” so that “If it makes” as a “Vestibule” and that through it “it can come” a considered percentage the holy ghost of the Energy/Light of Frequency of the Deity, that will interact with the dimensional one, so that it helps it still more if to direct in its evolutiva scaling - and if to transmutar. “In the house of my Father, it has many dwellings. If thus it are not I vo- lo would have said, therefore I go to equip you the place. E after going, I turned another time and take-youei for me, so that where I am, you are you also” - Christ Jesus.

When truily the individual if interioriza, using itself of the mental process, it it obtains to generate an emptiness of all its sensations/emotions, making possible- penetrating of form more transparent in the “Essence of God”.

Present “the human being-observing” conscience in the “Essence” of each one, searchs its tunning with the Universal Conscience.

“For possessing Special Essence the Beings of the forty and nine races worry all about the evolution and the life in the Universe - with its you vary manifestation forms. E in the Land when helping the dimensional one to evolve and if to transmutar for the manipulation of the Energy Vibracional/Taquiônica, they are parallel getting answers, that in certain way also help them to evolve, because they also pass I felt-There and resgatá-La to the level of the fourth dimension” - the “comforter”.

“The Comforting” term for Project Vestibule is associated with “that one” that in consistent way uses of the Energy Vibracional to make to happen in the real world - to really become as “Alive Bridge” between the third dimension and the realities parallel bars without the direction inconsistente emotional e of religious content. The “comforter” acts as a lawyer for whom the search and then, the teachings that it passes to the dimensional one and the way that this especially they live deeply, they have the purpose finishes of the Transmutação and not of the ascensionresurrection. It is still that possessor of the “Energy of the Espirito Santo”, that any dimensional oneProject Vestibule knows that this EnergyFrequency it is of the Will, that is associated with the Energy of Kundalini/Vibracional or to that it makes to happen in the third dimension.

The “energy of the Espirito Santo” with mística connotation and associate to the religious one is understood as “blow/invisible breeze” and its red color to resurrection. However, the dimensional one that already it was despertou must for the “energy language”vibracional to translate “the invisible one” as the energy of its mental frontal/that of it comumente already it uses and “the red color” with its Energy of Kundalini, that it learned to transform it into Vibracional Energy to transmutar itself. The this dimensional now most conscientious one is being prepared so that if it also becomes the “new comforter” and can in special way help its fellow creatures in this time of recycling - of the Planetary Transistion.

What at the moment it also looks for in commitment to transmit in the form of information/knowledge, already “ was written” /codificado so that /Transmutação revealed/happened here in now in this its “Time of Transistion”. For syntonized it to Frequency of the “Traveller of the Time” - of the “Universal Being”, one only exists direction/vontade, deriving of the Superior Plans of Vibration shown for its “Plate”.

It when it has access its “Plate”, in it happens changes that speed up its paranormalidade related to its extra-sensorial ability, so that desperte its memory in relation to the events that of it participated in the period of up to 3.000 years B.C. e intuindo it in relation to those others that still will go to happen until year 2,030 d.C to it. e that is associates to its commitment.

All access to the “Plate” that it more than possesss “written alquímico-alive ” not ambiguous through a thousand and six hundred codes/symbols, must be commemorated as a conquest of all humanity. frequency vibratory of the “Plate” it goes gradual interacting with frequency of dimensional, increasing its discernment, so that it perceives realities that were until then for it ignored - it sees more in texts and images in the Page “the Vestibule”, in this Site.

That one that it has access its “Plate”, it “is differently taken” for a conscience state more made compatible with the fourth dimension. At the moment where the codes are being “written” /codificados in its “Plate”, it also goes mentally syntonizing and interacting with this process of codification.

Dimensional that it had or it will have access to its “the Plate” (it enters the years of 2.000 the 2,011), was chosen by the “Beings” since more remote times, so that it could interact directly with them and if it made as its intermediary/parceiro in the physical plan.

Dimensional awaken in its condition human being he is “ the observer”, is that one that if it perceives on quantum interlaced to its Bigger Body - to the Universe.

Living deeply dynamically its commitment, it also “is seen inserted” at a special moment of exchanges with the “Beings” - more constantly with the Beings intraterrenos e with the Beings of the forty and nine races (travelling space), that at the moment “they assist it technologically”.

These “Beings” that are still of the third dimension, but that already they interact with the fourth dimension, they are not more influenced in relation to the world of the emotions human beings, are not more in this frequency vibratory-evolutiva - and, therefore the feelings do not generate more antagonistic e proper of the experiences human beings.

The “beings” of the forty and nine races (and the Beings intraterrenos) exactly circumscribed in its plans of existence - limited by them, already they are not more inside of compatible experiences to the condition human being, who still “incorporates” physicist-emotional consumings.

They possess “ships” and each one of them appearing (with its luminous body) in determined frequency e characteristic, if it shows in the real world for determined purpose, come of some parts of the Universe. Lately Hotel revealed in the Farm Project Vestibule (in February of 2010) the “ship” of Omega that the pineal gland of dimensional in the direction of a bigger mental perception - of its third vision worked. E also appeared the “ship” of Andrômeda, that after if to show, she was immense and it emitted flashes, for soon later going disappearing.

As much the Beings of the forty and nine races how much the Beings intraterrenos they search its ascension definitive to the fifth dimension (and also the dimensional one), passing for frequency of (plasma) the fourth dimension, to if disconnects before and definitively of the third dimension. As partners in search of one exactly objective, they still assist the dimensional one with the “energy technology” of the plasma, that “transformed” into flashes/luzes and in some you substantiate that it ingests, come modifying the cellular level its physical body, rejuvenescendo- and favoring it it the Transmutação. The intention of them is also to pass to dimensional the information through the use of the energy of the plasma, that not only aims at its benefits, but future to benefit to all the humanity.

resurrection it is comumente known for many as the transformation of the human physical body in “body of light”, but for dimensional awaken and more conscientious it happens for the Transmutação of its physical body through the manipulation of its mental energy, modifying its “wave”/frequency vibratory. It is with its Transmutação that it passes direct for the fourth dimension, as already it made has thousand of years behind - and, therefore what it has now that to make with the aid of the “Beings”, it is what it already knows to make.

That one that already it interacts conscientious with the fourth dimension passes for internal” and “external” a process of transformation in levels “. Many times are enough that it has only one interaction in the fourth dimension, so that its body is more sutilizado e in it happens the complete cure of its physical clutters - but, in this its special vibratory and evolutivo moment when it interacts with another plan of existence, it does not have to be left to lead for the “emotional state of the magic one”, that fanatiza.

It must tread with balance the real “way of its search”, that still using of “technologies” supplied by its space travelling partners, they favor its body physical (sutilizando-), so that it obtains dialogue with its Soul Flame, in the direction of if informing and if clarifying, when interacting with this its another one frequency vibratory of existence or manifestation to the level of the nineth dimension - or of crístico.

In a language with the energy-vibratory direction “ the subtle one” also can be interpreted as the associated shaped condition of to the fourth dimension - and, of certain form it can still be associated with the other superior dimensions or of bigger amplitude vibratory - or of light.

The year of 1998 was of the wakening of the dimensional one through its activation. Already activated, the year of 1999 was for it one to walk always for front, one to walk that for it it did not have more return, because its energy field already had been activated. E already in the line of front to leave of the year of 2000 it revealed with the intention of if also awaking and of awaking excessively for a new vision of the reality, that stops expressing it, filling lagoons left for traditional science, they are necessary related proper-universal knowledge and language to frequencies multivibracionais e to the experience multidimensional.

From the year of 2002 the Beings intraterrenos they had locked up its works in the galleries of the Hotel Farm Project Vestibule, in them being only some of them with the function of people who orientates, who will assist the dimensional one in these galleries, in a next future. They possess some “on substances” to its feeding (nectar, manna e tablet), that they are being passed for merit to the dimensional one - to that one of the front line that to the ingeriz them, it is regenerating its organism and drawing out its life, so that it is alive when to arrive the moment of its process transmutativo. Perhaps if this aid had not happened, many dimensional ones with advanced age did not reach this moment.

In the years of 2008 and the 2009 Beings of the forty and nine races had helped the dimensional one in relation to its commitment, guide-in the one in the direction of in such a way constructing Project Physical vestibule, how much to construct it in the field of ideas, using itself of the Alchemy of the Thought.

More lately (at the end of the year of 2009) Conscientious Energies to the level of frequency of the nineth dimension or the deities they come softly interacting with the dimensional one and expressing themselves as it was singing, guide-in so that: “they fulfill the commitment, they understand all the things and all people e they propagate".

It has very “already was written” that it would come a “race” of beings special (dimensional), that they would be born in the way of the population, that would have an immense difference between that already they were here (planetary) and that they would be recognized for the marks that would have in its foreheads (symbol) and in its hands (spot). E especially Brazil was chosen for this nascedouro, because here many caves with entrances exist intraterrenas, optimum vortex of energy of the same planet or of the Solar System and a bigger mixture of races constituting a sensible, receptive and glad people.

That one that really continues in the front line - that he is a “winner”, already is in Frequency of the Energy Vibracional Active/Energia Taquiônica, leaguing itself more easily to Superior I without in such a way more cultivating thoughts disharmonous e to use “the intermediate ” other as for its search - already living deeply a certainty and a deep desire (faith).

The dimensional one that it treads this way that is also of transparency, it must exercise I dialogue it constructive, to get answers to its questions that more do not allow truths for the half. In this its to walk dynamic and without in such a way more with the dissimulation of the “ego”, it must talk obtains, for truily uncovering itself.

In this its “interiorizar” it already does not leave itself to lead for the illusions generated in the world of its emotions, that distort and mask its experience with the sacred one, that here it becomes related to vibracional - what in the real world it was codified and brought as commitment for its “Plate” through a writing with “symbols livings creature”, that it must be fulfilled.

It in the measure where it goes living deeply “the not common one”, must be warned, for not leaving itself to torpify/to hipnotizar for what it is incoherent and incompatible to the Universal Harmony - it does not have to leave itself to arrest more than in the efficient arrests, that one where it is the jailer of itself exactly.

As leader of itself exactly it must perceive that he needs to be free in the external-dense world where experience, so that it can inquire and get knowledge, that more do not allow it to negotiate in a superficial relation of exchanges and, already looking for to walk with its proper legs to search its true one To be, so that In “dived” it it syntonizes with the Universal Wisdom - and also can, to fulfill with coherence its commitment.

The dimensional one at the same time where it does not have to manipulate other individuals with contrary procedures the Cosmic Laws - Universal Laws, it does not have also to be left to influence for them, remaining in its certainty.

To work with energy vibracional it demands much responsibility of that it manipulates it, because it works directly with the meridians of other individuals in one frequency electromagnetic, that in it the thought of the manipulator is registered.

“Everything what the dimensional one makes of heart or constructing, is positive, is of superior vibration. E everything what it makes led for the badness or destroying, is negative, is of inferior vibration. Inside of this perception it is that it comes being evaluated for the “Beings”, since the moment in that it materialized its first rock discóide, has one years behind” - the “comforter”.

It must abandon the attachment, that is based on the fear and the unreliability of ephemeral, that it becomes it prisoner of old related conditionings the exterior world and that for not containing new (and necessary) information, they do not bring evolution. “The kingdom of God does not come with exterior appearance… Nobody, that launches hand of the plough and looks at stops backwards, is apt for the kingdom of God''” - Christ Jesus.

The dimensional one must to make compatible its frequency mentalvibratory with frequency of the “Beings” - with that although transmutados they continue on to the energy of the third dimension and, more still, with those others that already in its bodies of light do not possess this linking. For this, it must increase its vibratory standard and also to search levels ampler of conscience and reason, mainly when for its proper effort he exercises moments of “partnership” (without competition) with other individuals - with its “human partners” in the real world.

The dimensional one that already it proceeds stimulated for its condition from awaken, it already passed for the “filter of quality” - but, each one in its evolutivo process must be respected. This dimensional one is still that one that already if express with the energy languagevibratory e in accordance with it, syntonized with the Universal Laws, searchs “the miracle” of its Transmutação, as it was taught behind has two a thousand years for Christ Jesus, but that now these knowledge are only being rescued for “That one” that with the Energy of its Will - in Frequency of the “Espirito Santo”, it makes to happen in the third dimension.

“The only possibility that the individual has so that if it carries through completely in its vibratory-evolutiva scaling, transmutando itself, is when it still is with its physical body, because when it loses it (he dies), is only waiting the day of its judgment or plus a new evolutiva chance to reincarnate. Without its physical body it does not have as to rescue its proper soul” - the “Comforter”.

What it is still the future for many, already is the gift for the dimensional oneProject Vestibule, that has a great responsibility for already syntonizing with realities parallel bars and interacting physically with “Beings” that if they all show “come” of these realities ( other dimensions) and of other physical worlds spread by the Universe - and, that in partner with them they help to construct a science with parallel knowledge not yet reached by traditional science, but that future they will be understood e accepted for it.

In this partnership that dimensional one that she possesss mental abilities associates to the extra-sensorial one - that uses of frequencies more associates to subtle, it will reveal more with not on knowledge to its directions, when he will interact with the dimensions parallel bars, opening of vestibules and will develop more its abilities in relation to its college poltergeist, precognition, telepatia e clarividência, among others Psi- facultiesesGamma that they are also associates to frequency of Line C of its Lines of the Life.

E that one another one that more possesss related mental abilities to the use direct of its mental energy - that it uses of frequencies more associates to the dense one, it it will act better in relation to the physical effect in the third dimension as: to warp/to break and to levitar objects e still will interact in the “circuit” brain-mind of other individuals stops direcioná- los for what it wants, among others abilities associates to frequency of Line B of its Lines of the Life.

In relation to the extra-physicist where if they find transmutados/” espíritos” and do not happen the canalizations mediúnicas, astral trips and the incorporations, among others situations associates to frequency of the Line of its Lines of the Life, dimensiona/Project Vestibule is advised not to syntonize it, with it not to interact, because little for itself exactly and more for other always trustworthy consciences nor and situations can be lead many existing times only in its mind.

It will be excellent for that to develop in such a way its extra-sensorial ability how much its mental ability, but one of them will have to be for it main - that one with more easiness of being manipulated and it to be filtered its better, so that it does not harm nobody.

The dimensional one that it is in Project Vestibule has more time, its frequency mental already it is in a vibration band active above of 30 hertz, that it enables it to the physical effect, manipulating the energies of the encantamento and of attraction immediate. E in this frequency its way to perceive the world in its return, also becomes it sufficiently different of the majority of the other individuals, because already it possesss originated information of comments that more minute and now including “beyond the common one”, makes it many times more if not to fit to the real world where it lives deeply (third dimension).

It already is capable to carry through its “miracles”, that in the reality they are resulted of physical effect in the form of processes alquímicos, that parallel bars occur for the fusing of realities, when at the same time it goes mentally organizing prótons e electrons spread for Universe, that is manipulated by it in the direction to get the results that it desires - and when also, is carried through by others intelligences superiors, who premake use to benefit it.

The “beings” that are Consciências of other physical worlds or realities visible parallel bars and or not, already are gifts in all the instants in the life of the dimensional one. Assist-in the one in its evolutiva scaling, when they had favored it with some “technologies”, between them the plasma fusing and the “bath”, so that it could reach ampler levels of conscience and reason and more easily fulfill its commitment of propagation and spreading codified in its “Plate”.

In this its wakening Ultras e Energy in the any place and occasion are also interacting more constantly with it, so that it can faster to experienciar multivibracional e to live deeply multidimensional. The Energy ones vibrate in frequencies above of Ultras, that in turn they vibrate in frequencies above Elementais, that they are denser and that they had assisted it at the moment where was compromissado.

That one that already received the plasma individual, it must look for still more “to walk” in the band of tolerance - in the “way of the way”, because already with its potencializado energy field especially more, what it to think more early or later will happen. Therefore, in this its new condition vibratory when it functioned as “alive vestibule”, it has responsibility does not obtain exactly and with the humanity. Beyond those others of two a thousand years behind, were only it until this moment, that interacted with this Frequency Also shaped known as the “Light of Pentecostes”, through Ultras e of Elementais - to see more texts and images on plasma (collective) in the Page Images VIII, this Site.

Partnership with the realities parallel bars

(Second Part)

The dimensional one that for the mind and that for the heart it is in performance of its commitment, the “Beings” intuem other individuals, so that they are at the moment and the place certain to assist it. This dimensional one already living deeply intense certainty, must only leave that the “Energy” involves it, molding it it its commitment - and, it must also keep in the tolerance band, exercising the wisdom of the understanding, more not estagnado for the corrosive process of the judgment, for already having learned to not only perceive in the track of the evolution the limitations of the others, as well as its.

It must “see itself” praying truily, that he demands of it not passivity, but the necessity of action of its mental waves to generate one frequency mental with one objective desired through one reaction physics with the competition of Line B of its Lines of the Life.

The “light of the Wisdom” that it as researcher must exhibit, is that deriving one of information that take it to the knowledge in search of the balance - in search of the Harmony.

When walking for the fourth dimension it goes passing for the process of as to integrate the opposites remaining in the tolerance band - searching in its Line B (Neutral) of its Lines of the Life harmonic, without fear of the negatividade because it who stimulates it to the “positividade” - helps it to carry through it for the discernment the desirable changes in its life.

The intention of the “Occult Power” and manipulator is to conserve the individual less intelectualizado (robotizado) and sensetized to perceive transcendente more, limiting it in the world of its directions, and many times generating to it also the unreliability feeling, dependence and fear, that hinder it to syntonize to the Universal Conscience - and of if finding.

Exactly as “actor” in the world of the dual where experience, the dimensional one must be a referencial of balance and a source of information for its alignment with the “god” who exists inside of it and that it makes possible to bring to the exterior world that experience its relative knowledge to its abilities of one half-god. It must take knowledge to the ignorance, developing a proper language for this New time of Transparency, when it already starts to perceive that “virtual” /quarta dimension interlaced with the Real/third dimension is susceptível of if showing, to the measure that “the mental one” parallel goes “being recriado” - for the knowledge and the practical one of the Mental Superior.

To inquire themselves and if to know, help it it “if to disclose”. It assists it in relation what it needs to be remembered - to remember what in the deep one already knows.

When the dimensional one more constantly it lives deeply moments of intense emotions, it are not obtaining to take shelter themselves inside against the band of tolerance, that in it is more easy to exert the balance to add, to construct and to exceed, without the “negatividade” of the competitive egoism and also without the “positividade” of the extreme pride.

However, in its condition human being the dimensional one cannot deny its emotions, which are they will be, because if thus to proceed, will lose its connection with its feelings and then, less conscientious it will act robotizado (more instinctively). Therefore, it is that it after polarizing “positively” the energy of its “negative” emotions, it must to direct the resultant energy, also, for its chacras so that through them if it connects multidimensional e “if intuitivamente binds” to its Superior I.

Dimensional the awaken one must learn the exercise of the concentration. E when learning if concentrating, it must use of the radiation electromagnetic of its thought “visualizing” one objective, that in it it provokes one frequency emotional polarized in accordance with what it desires momentarily. In other words to polarize one frequency emotional he is it trazê- there for itself - he is it to visualize mentally what it desires and at the same time to play in what was visualized its intention.

Its true task in its condition human being in the third dimension is to balance energy “the bad negative//badly” with “good positive//well” (neutralizing them) e, perhaps is there also, the direction of the metaphor mentioned for Christ Jesus, when it wanted to become to understand, that if it does not have to ignore “the associated negative” to the “positive” and that it does not have to also strengthen it with it replies, when saying: “If somebody to beat to you in the right face,ferece to it it another one”.

For it that already it is prepared to become a “Universal Being”, to feel the energy or “the negative” energy “positive” it must be only one momentânea experience of its conscience human being in “generating mental circumstance ” of the emotional and proper energy for frequency of existence of the third terrena dimension - in the world of the dual and, therefore it whom he desires if to become a traveller of other realities and not more prisoner in the space-time, must learn not to surpass the tolerance band. It must conserve in frequency of the neutrality in here now, manipulating Line B of its Lines of the Life the dualidade moments that it lives deeply, so that it can leave the unreliability of the capricious fomentadora of its conflicts and its fears.

In “modern world” (e current) where it lives deeply, fastest the necessary individual to neutralize its it estresse generated for the incapacity of if balancing when it interacts with the opposites - when in its daily however it searchs and if it carries through at “ positive” moments for it and however if it loses in those other “negatives”, that it makes it to suffer.

Pain exists as a real fact in the physical plan, but the suffering as consequence it will only be a reality, if the mind to accept it in the mental plan.

It needs to understand the polarity of the dualidade, so that he does not become victim of it, but that he neutralizes it for its creative power, manipulating its Lines of the Life, when he goes balancing with everything that with that experience, so that reach frequency of the fourth dimension that is not emotional and where the linear time if undoes and if it makes folding as if it was a circle, “placing” the future and the past in the gift - in here now.

But when it takes conscience of its proper “negatividade”, bringing it it tona, is that it allows itself to recognize it and to neutralize it with thought e action “positive” - when it relates with other individuals and it looks for to express themselves and to act with the same ones in the neutrality of the state of grace.

On the polarity of the dualidade the Bible mentions “chosen”, giving felt it as the separation of the joio of the wheat - a separation associated with the mental development and spiritual reached for some, while others reach it in its experience of life, when are not conducted for the pure heart, directing- to the superior dimensions.

It is the moment to neutralize in Line B of its Lines of the Life the perceived polarities as “the negative and the positive”, mainly later that the “Ship Mother” it potencializou these two frequencies in the dimensional ones, that they can then in determined moments, to more insistently reveal one of them and to the times even though without perceiving.

The intuition is the first thought, if expressing as feeling subtle e informing without doubts and of instantaneous form as the mind must function.

The emotion is as the thought, creating doubt/confusion - it is “creates” of the dualidade. E the “ego” is always of it using, soon for the conflict. The “ego” is “negative” master in the art not to change and to create blockades, that lead to the illnesses.

The dimensional one must learn if syntonize to Frequency of the Harmony, that is more transparent also more present e in the nature. It must learn “to listen to it” with the aid of the Beings Elementais in its “cocoons” shaped, luminous e multicolored, so that it can be identified with the “vibration-sonorous one” that of it it radiates and that the aid “to exorcizar” its males. It needs to learn to absorb the energies that are to its around, that they are universal and that also they assist it in the direction of the balance, to expand its conscience and “if to cure”.

It when to perceive that its standards of experience are being repetitive, it must be intent, because they are showing it who must “cure itself” - that he must modify its way to think and its way to act.

It must choose to live now “already cured” in this time of magic, when those that are awaken they will join and cooperate to undo of the old one and to construct new - the New Time. It must start to inside disarrange of its mind the exceeded one, so that waited and the new goes if showing as consequence.

This union asks for before the mind and the heart of each dimensional one if join e, for this, it must learn to look at for inside of itself, to perceive that only one true belief exists exactly - the belief in itself. The one belief half-god that she searchs the balance with its conscience human being and that it of the direction when looking for to interact in harmony with the Universe. Not to have freedom to search this balance, is to go against the Universal Laws. When the dimensional one will be really conscientious of its true reality and to act in accordance with it, it will be able to create everything what to want - and, to confirm what Christ Jesus said: "You you are deuses, you can make what I make and much more".

To balance the mind with the heart also stimulates the dimensional one in the direction of its search in relation to its cosmic memory and its perception of multidimensional.

That one that reaches with its Frequency of the Will success in this Time of Transistion he is that one that before is prepared “to neutralize” the excesses of the “ego” and also it is prepared with the aid of the “Beings”, that they use of the “technology of the plasma” so that in it happens a change vibratory to the cellular level. If it to pass of the third dimension for the fourth dimension, using itself of the energy matrix of its physical body, transmutando themselves, will be a new “Avatar”. It will conserve its memory, when to come of the world of the plasma “virtual” or the fourth dimension for the world dense-Real or of the third dimension, that if interlace.

The New Age that if it initiates, is of transparency e of the fear absence, without more the presences of dogmas and of inconcluso that “institutionalized” for religions, seitas and many lines of thought they mystify, without nothing to show and to clarear. The moment arrived to display the ignorance so that if it exactly shows to the consistent and coherent knowledge of sciences the parallel bars (still unknown of the majority), so that it in such a way takes advantage and it extends the human horizon of the agreement how much of the perception.

However, it can initially be difficult dimensional it to change its frequency mental, reprogramando what it already constructed in its mind, when he left “to train” its intuition exactly, so that he could first feel/to intuir and later acting in the direction to make optimum , “listening to” itself - but, it must be persistent.

That one that lead for rituals “if only became religious” and if left that others thought for it, is almost certain that it estagnou itself in its evolutivo process. Its “interior voice” was emudeceu, leaving to dialogue with Superior I in a “colloquy”, that it would have intuitivamente to listen and to trust, until reaching the standards evolutivo and vibratory, so that this colloquy could already physically become through its Soul Flame.

The energies of the third dimension are so dense, that they demand much courage of that one, that in commitment arrives in this plan of existence. But, in the measure where the dimensional one goes learning “to take ownership” of its true body - if to integrate with the Universe, it it parallel goes preparing for its “return” - goes preparing to interact initially with the reality of the fourth dimension, stops later reaching frequency of the fifth dimension. From the sixth dimension the polarities already are combined and the light bodies already reveal.

The Land already started to make compatible with frequency of the fourth dimension, that in it everything sample of translucent , more dynamic, vibratile form (sped up) and automatic - and, this frequency it is each clearer time in the conscience human being.

All already are in more incisive way being tested in its ability or inability to deal ones with the others, when they are measured in this direction in relation to its compatibility or its incompatibility to express in Frequency of the Universal Love - and with it to syntonize to frequency of the fourth dimension. Therefore, the dimensional one must have care with its thoughts - with what it thinks, for that can with balance, if to lead and to exert its creative power.

In this time of planetary and also individual transistion the dimensional one will go to assume the necessary position in relation to its creative power and it will reveal because it came. It “will see itself” in its choice related to its commitment - when if observing, he will go if disclosing and if knowing for its action. It necessarily searching “To be” and “not to be” searching knowledge brought for the intellect, only is that it will obtain to open the door that until then was for closed it and “it will enter” in the world of frequencies multivibracionais, manipulating them, to transmutar itself.

That one that is despertando passes for innumerable situations, to learn if to become scholar - to perceive for the direction of Unicity, the one that it really “Is”.

The dimensional one is in the real world to not only awake itself, as well as to awake other individuals - so that all already awaken they create in this planet a civilization that values the life in all the directions. E if before it it will experienciará the chaos, is so that in this situation when helping the others, can of more intense form discover its abilities and also evolve. It more than physically to only live, is here for exerting without fear its creative power and then, already anchored in itself exactly, carrying through the commitment codified in its “Plate”.

It knows that he must now create without judgment, already cliente of the wisdom of the indifference and not the imposition as necessary feelings to the balance. It already also knows that he must bring for the exterior world, what its interior world already knows, although not to possess all the answers. It already understands that he must each time more if express with its interior truth e, intuindo itself, that he does not have more to allow that the fear leads its life, so that if it does not lose in mental confusion, that distance of itself exactly.

Dimensional the awaken one already still perceives, exactly auto-evidences it of the “Truth” when it is searched through experiences in different realities. Therefore, it knows that it is relative and not absolute, for if making for additions or modifications of other truths - but, he is always directed in the direction of the Universality, when it is searched and perceived in state of grace.

What it really informs naked Apocalypse already of its confused reading because of the information that of it had been removed, added and distorted for interests suspicious, it more than relates close the dimensional o and not the humanity to a general way (to the planetariums). Therefore, what the dimensional one at the moment already it lives deeply or that he is being prepared it stops experience- lo, is a repetition of many situations that already had occurred with it in the past, as much told in the Old one as in the New Will. It is being prepared with the aid of the “Beings” so that he makes its interior alchemy - for its Transmutação, at the same time where he goes carrying through its commitment of propagation, that complete the commitment of those others “its partners” of two a thousand years behind. But, so that it “if finds” in this process beyond the space-time (of the linear time), it must “ interiorizar itself”, “to see itself” for its cosmic memory.

Dimensional the awaken one already it lives deeply moments and situations that are associates to its past and that they are codified as information in the Apocalypse, that it must now interpret e to bring up to date. E as continuation of this work it must leave in the “Book of the World” necessary information of the moments and situations, that it will live deeply in this end of times (from 2014) for the future generations of dimensional, that here they will live in next the 5,125 years. The dimensional one of today after these thousands of years and already as “To be Universal”, will be here in the future working with these dimensional ones, as it today works with the “Beings”. In its future condition of “Being Universal”, he will not be subject to the proper consumings of an existence in the space-time - it will be with a light body and it will not lose its memory, because already it will have transmutado.

But, for this its intention it cannot lose the aid of the “its partners” of other realities and other worlds, that with them must continue interacting to continue receiving information and “technologies” - and, therefore does not have to exceed emotionally in such a way for “the positive” how much for “the negative”, being more than nineteen minutes are of the tolerance band, that takes it to the room way.

“We show that the way is another one, that we do not need to carry through ceremonies or to endeusar beings of superior worlds to ours and with advanced technologies. We are rewriting the history of the humanity who, with certainty, knocks down versions that today are considered invariant truths. As for ufologia, we show with simplicity that we can provoke contacts e phenomena ufológicos, what in it becomes them different of ufologia casuistry, that studies passed cases, without obtaining to provoke any contact or phenomenon ufológico. We are opening way for a new age, a new way to think and to act that it rejects any form of control, either for the fear, the imposition, the dogma or for war” - the “comforter”.

This “Moment” that dimensional the awaken aid to construct it is the “Moment of the Humanity”, that “it was sewn” with the Lines of the Time so that happened in here now - as an Uneven Grandiosidade in this occasion of the Planetary Transistion that cannot only be observed by the focus of fenomênico in the real world.

The dimensional oneProject Vestibule already is one operating partner in the construction of this “Moment”, when in such a way it is anticipated already living deeply experiences with the realities parallel bars and with Cazalk in the Interior Worlds, how much also in the real world it constructs the City of the Tourist Complex Ziguratz inside of information (technological) supplied by the “Beings”, so that if it becomes an inductive polar region of new knowledge and necessary procedures the consolidation of this New Time - providing to the humanity guided for the Universal Laws a bigger integration with the Universe and a bigger tunninginteraction with the realities parallel bars.

Nobody is particularly owner of this “Moment”. It is of all those that they construct this New Vision of the Reality, therefore without the condition of one to be less or more important that the other, exactly that some can reveal in this condition to the informed eyes of that less. All have the same importance in the dynamics of this “Moment”. The differences that pparently can exist, if relate to the responsibility that each one in its extra-sensorial or mental ability exerts to fulfill its commitment.

The “beings” partners of dimensional the awaken one in this taken over on a contract basis to construct this New Age have much clarity in this direction, when they leave to be transparent that that one that “pparently is most important” or that it has more benefits with them, in the truth it possesss it is more responsibility in function of what he considered in commitment to carry through - and that is carrying through it. E that one that already perceives in this its responsibility, already also understands that its work is of partnership, without more leaving that the “ego” the light one to the competition, deluding it that is optimum - that its leadership and its commitment is more important that of excessively.

The “distant Beings” already of the incoherences human beings, but knowing that they are part of the learning of the dimensional one in the real world and of the dual, many times give rope exactly to it so that it learns in the end more if not to delude e, if seeing limited by the “ego” - as “prisoner” of itself, desperte for the necessity of wisely adding itself with the others, so that it can more easily in partnership carry through its commitment, that is only part of a Bigger Commitment.

Finally it was consolidated “Great Alliance” with the presence of Frequency of Lilith, that in 27 of March of 2010, in the Farm Hotel Project Vestibule, was in this occasion seen for a bigger number of dimensional gifts first in the “Place of the Sounding leads” and later in “Lands of Asthar”.

Before it already if had shown for five dimensional ones in Mines of Camaquã/RS, at a encantamento moment described the holy ghost thus for one of the gifts: “Mines of Camaquã, 30 of November of 2008, day this that never will be forgotten. It would say, thus: ” It Became the Light”. Light that in them opened new and ample doors, that in filled them of the Universal Love, that started to illuminate New Ways. ... “It” arrived quiet so soft and, as a pen in the air, blown for the breeze of the night. My mind for a few seconds did not obtain to catch and to believe what my eyes were seeing. ... We are for some second perplexos, enraptured, fascinated, looking at “That Being”, “That figure” that if presented corporificada for we so material, of so physical form as any human being. ... Its clothes were very white. It was dressed in a similar way to indumentária of the Indian women. ... It walked slowly and one noticed much slightness in its floor, perhaps, so that we could see all the details, to observe it better. Its head lightly was inclined, always in looking at… I felt in that one I have taken head inclination, a transmission of affection, understanding, peace and much love. ... objective of its coming it must not have been only so that we saw it. A very powerful energy “It” in passed them and this gave the certainty to me of that we are Strong and of that we have the Power that we need to positively change the small Universe that in the fence - the Planet Land and its Humanity”. - More information in the text “the landmark that makes me to initiate a new stage in evolutiva walked mine”, in the Page More Texts XX, this Site.

Lilith that it possesss its counterpart in Emanuel it is a Conscience of the Plain The holy ghosts, that If humaniza to reveal, projecting- holographically in the feminine form - as “Lady of Conception” or That one that gave origin to the humanity and, for this, that much more old cultures and that currently they are considered heathen reverenciavam it as Goddess of the Fertility. Some religions had more recently transformed it into “Ours Lady of the Conceição” and from it ladies had been giving different names “as others ours”, many times associating its names to the places where Frequency of Lilith holographically it was if showing.

In this “Great Alliance” that is being consolidated between the third dimension and the realities parallel bars, the “Road of the New World is also being opened” together with the “Universal Screen”, that “raised” it will allow the dimensional one to still interact in the physical plan with Consciences in Frequency of the Deities.

At this “dimensional Magical Moment” the awaken one already still starts to exercise its mental ability directing Light-color from its body (mainly ionizing the third layer of its aura) e, when then it starts also, to walk with its proper legs through a load electric corporal greater, exhibiting frequency vibratory compatible with “the time” of the Land that already passed to three seconds and that already it practically allows in its day the day it to walk with the “Beings” - what increases its responsibility still more to keep partnership with them and to carry through its commitment.

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